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Technical talents with depth, sound business acumen, and much grit

Manbé, founded in 2008, focuses mainly on robust design, design for six sigma (DFSS), and technical program management to drive sustainable solutions that fit the needs of today and beyond.

What we are great at is combining clients' domain knowledge and engineering best practices with cloud-native technologies to deploy and facilitate model-based systems engineering in support of rapid development, shared ownership, toils automation, efficiency,   and customer-centricity 

With our multi-disciplinary knowledge and engineering best practices, we broaden SRE beyond the realm of software development to attack industrials' wasteful plants, processes, and peripherals' ilities when not planned and designed for, which will be detrimental. What we do for you is:

  1.  Reduce ambiguity at any level

  2. Employ creativity to stimulate project 

  3. Manage Complexity with MBSE

Philimar Menard

Principal Consultant & Founder

He is, by training, a multidisciplinary engineer with advanced engineering expertise, i.e., design for  6sigma and robust design. He has worked in data science and systems engineering throughout his career. You can expect a highly motivated, focused self-starter with excellent communication skills.


MS, Electric Power Engineering

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute,  Troy, NY


IBM-Data Science,  SRE & DevOps Engineer with GCP,  Linux Foundation's open source development, Linux and Git. MIT-Architecture and Systems Engineering, GE DFSS Black Belt

Philimar Menard
opening for a Master black belt

Come join our team

Senior Consultant & Trainer

This space is for you if you are a passionate, highly motivated, focused self-starter with expertise in Six Sigma. Diversity for us means you earn your place amongst the domain expert.


Bachelor of Science in  Engineering
Accredited University


Design for 6Sigma, Master Black Belt

Come join our team

Marketing & Sale Director

We are looking for achievers with a strong sales and marketing background and excellent communication skills who put the customer's needs front and center while keeping business objectives in focus.


Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
Accredited University 


Some with help, but necessary

Marketing & Sale Director


We want to integrate cloud-native technologies, domain knowledge, and data science into the industrial sector's old soul, allowing efficiency and performance to emerge while reducing greenhouse gas.

Manbé unlocks the untapped potential of legacy assets with data science to give actionable insights into their operation and interactions, managing complexity, employing creativity, and reducing ambiguity.



Injecting multidisciplinary engineering fundamentals and methodologies into product development cycle


Leverage 6Sigma and engineering expertise to give relatable and practical guidance into development.


Developing satisfactory solutions around constraints of customers' use, devOps and vendors limitations. 

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